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attune coaches leaders and teams to utilize values and strengths, embrace change, amplify self-worth, and remove roadblocks to achieve conscious business and career success

WHY attune?

Leaders and teams are increasingly compelled to look at their professional lives in a holistic way. However, the uncertainty of change can hinder forward movement.

By enhancing and aligning hard and soft skills attune clients are transformed and achieve optimal results:

  • Successful, purposeful and fulfilling career and business.

  • Engaged leaders and teams who are authentic and conscious at work.

  • Satisfied clients who champion the business over the long-term.

attune’s services are built upon this value foundation and are customized to the needs of each client.


attune's professional coaching practice both challenges and supports clients in a safe and trusting environment. Clients surface issues, set clear goals and success measures, identify and manage roadblocks, and ultimately meet objectives.

​​Are you wondering if attune is right for you? Contact us for a 30-minute consultation.


Leadership Attunement

Objectives are identified and evaluated against current strategies. Potential roadblocks to moving forward are removed. Success measures are clarified. The result is an attuned leader.

Team Attunement

Team vision, mission and values are created or enhanced. Individual perspectives and strengths are aligned with those of the overall team and organization. An attuned team is created.

Career Attunement

Defining career fulfillment and success is the starting point. Recognizing and amplifying strengths is emphasized. An attuned career creates a purposeful and engaged leader or team.

Client Attunement

Strategic consulting in client service, proposal win strategy, cross-selling, prospecting, go-to-market planning and profile building. A targeted approach results in an attuned client.

ABOUT attune

attune was founded by Carmelo Millimaci, a Professional Certified Coach who has more than nine years of professional coaching training and experience as well as 20 years of senior leadership experience working with executives and teams. He is a member of the International Coaching Federation.


Carmelo honours his clients as creative, resourceful and whole. He puts his clients first and helps them put themselves first, particularly when they don't know how. He coaches his clients to find comfort in the discomfort of change. Ultimately, Carmelo helps his clients realize and walk a path to professional fulfillment. He thrives on seeing his clients succeed.



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