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Attune Client Perspective


Leadership Attunement

The attune coach and the leader identify the leader’s current way of being and working, objectives and potential roadblocks. The leader is both challenged and supported while gaining awareness and insights into how to increase individual, team and organizational success.

What is the value of an attuned leader?

  • Increased leadership presence and respect.

  • Enhanced and aligned professional and interpersonal skills.

  • Values and strengths aligned with those of the team and organization.

  • Remain calm in the face of a storm and defuse emotionally charged environments quickly.

  • Clarity around team and organizational needs and how to meet them with excellence.

  • Understand what success looks like and how to measure it.

  • Career fulfillment.

  • Conscious and purposeful work.

Team Attunement

The attune coach and the team, along with the team leader, develop or revisit the team’s vision, mission and values. The team aligns individual perspectives and strengths with those of the larger team and organization. Roadblocks that hinder the team’s ability to realize objectives are identified and managed.

What is the value of an attuned team?

  • Clarity and unity in purpose as a team.

  • Understand how to honour individual values and strengths.

  • Recognize and appreciate success at all levels – from junior to senior team members.

  • Increased employee engagement and retention.

  • Team commitment to excellence.

  • Service delivery aligned with organizational and client needs.

Career Attunement

The attune coach and the client identify what a fulfilled career looks like and how roadblocks might be hindering progression within the organization. Perhaps transition into a role at another organization or an entirely new career path is top of mind.

What is the value of an attuned career?

  • Clarity around values and strengths.

  • Putting yourself first in how you shape your career.

  • Embrace an existing career.

  • Comfort and confidence transitioning into a new role.

  • Identify and embrace a new career.

  • Fulfilled and purposeful career.

Client Attunement

The attune coach provides strategic consulting in client service, cross-selling, prospecting, proposal win strategy, go-to-market planning and profile building. The current client development framework is assessed and a strategic plan is enhanced or developed.

What is the value of an attuned client development strategy?

  • Focus on most impactful strategies in client development.

  • Enhanced strengths and skills in client development.

  • Increased client satisfaction and retention.

  • Increased lead generation and referrals.

  • Increased profile and market awareness.

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